LMJ Mission Statement

Let's Make Jewelry was created with the intent to share as much knowledge with aspiring metal artists and jewelers as the internet will allow! In our group, we encourage others to:

  • Ask questions regarding techniques and opinions
  • Share recent or past work
  • Help others to succeed in our craft by answering questions asked by other members
  • Encourage others to continue to learn and grow
  • Share tutorials, recommendations, tips and tricks of the trade

Over time, the admins have continued to create other subgroups of LMJ to allow artists to find specialized help in a specific technique, such as stone setting, casting, stamping, wax carving and engraving, to name a few. These subgroups are designed for artists who use like-minded techniques to share their work and offer help to others new to that particular field. 

We realize that each person is at a different level and each brings their own favorite skills to the table. We also recognize that as long as the artist's goals are accomplished and the product is up to that artist's standards, there really is no wrong way to do anything as long as safety is taken into account. Our main goal is to help others achieve those goals, and give them as many answers as we can to allow them to choose a technique that works for them given their current skill level and the tools they have on hand.