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Here you can find the latest updates, tutorials, videos and monthly challenges related to our Let's Make Jewelry FaceBook Group!

If you are not a Facebook member, you can apply HERE but please answer the entry questions or your request will be denied.

If you apply and are denied, you are welcome to contact any one of the admins and we can assist you in becoming a part of the family! 

Let's Make Jewelry was created to help the beginning to intermediate Bench Jeweler and Metalsmith learn basic techniques in jewelry repair, custom order, wax carving, casting, mold making, finishing, stone setting, fabrication, and engraving. Metal stamping, will also be covered.

The only selling allowed will be by the administrators of this group provided the item is made for, manufactured by, or written exclusively for their own company to sell and will be of benefit to the group.

Administrator companies:
Craig Dabler - www.diycastings.com
Roberta Pihl - www.oregontrailsilver.com
Brad Smith - www.bradsmithjewelry.com
Richard Barrett 
Sharon Rivera Orfebre - 
John Meszaros

It is our hope that others experienced in these methods will also be passionate about teaching and offer their advice as well.

Posts non related or that appear to be for self promotion, self promotion of a business, will be removed and may result in the removal of that member.

If at anytime, a member blocks an Administrator of Let's Make Jewelry or any other linked sub group of LMJ he or she will be permanently removed and blocked from all the groups.

No ads, no gemstone or diamond dealers, no negative posts, no bashing others, this should be only a positive environment and a place to learn.