Ella Arey
Ella Arey is a UK born goldsmith residing in the US. Her independently owned business was born from a love of gems and a passion for creating, stemming back to early childhood. Her father’s nickname for her was “Magpie” as she was always drawn to all things shiny. A trip to a local crafts center one summer solidified her destiny, as she watched a goldsmith at work, mesmerized by the process.
Today, Ella uses traditional fabrication techniques as well as the lost wax casting process to create each of her designs from start to finish. No store bought components are used, ensuring a one of a kind, unique work of art for each and every piece she makes. Ella’s passion is to create timeless pieces that will last from generation to generation.
Ella only uses ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones and recycled materials for all her creations, ensuring a positive history for each keepsake she makes.
When Ella is not in her studio, she is busy taking care of her family of 5 kids, her husband and a veritable menagerie of dogs, cats and fish.